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Pampers Swaddlers Diapers Size DiapersApple TVWrap your baby in Pampers Swaddlers diapers, our most trusted comfort and protection and the Choice of US Hospitals.* Our Blankie Soft diaper with a unique Absorb Away Liner pulls wetness and mess away from babys skin to help keep your baby comforle. It also has a changing wetness indicator that tells you when your baby might need a change. Finally, we make sure your babys delicate belly is protected with the contoured umbilical notch.** br / br /*Based on sales of the newborn hospital diaper. **Available in s NB.

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As parents ourselves, we can vividly remember the feelings of fear, anxiousness, and excitement that come along with the first little bundle of joy! Knowing that weve been able to offer a trustworthy diapers that have worked wonderfully for your mily brings us so much joy, and we want to thank you for sharing this with us. Our number is , reach out to us any time if you ever have any questions!

I tried Pampers Swadlers for the first time with my baby because those were what the hospital had when she was born. Ive been impressed by everything about them. Theyre super absorbent, great for night time, and they keep my baby dry. Even if she poops and I dont notice right away, it doesnt stick on her skin, which makes it a lot easier to wipe and clean up. She hasnt had any diaper rash since she was born. I also love how soft they are, so I know shes comforle. Im not a huge n of the baby powder smell, but its not so strong that its a turn off. These diapers have exceeded my expectations!

As a first time mom it was pretty overwhelming having to decide on what to use for my baby. Everything including baby wash, lotion, laundry detergent, wipes, and diapers come in so many varieties I didnt know where to start. I was lucky enough to receive sample diapers from about different brands including Pampers Swaddlers. These are the only diapers that never let me down. Super soft, no leaks, ultra absorbent, great fit. Without giving TMI, there have been many moments where I was surprised by how much they contained. And without leaks! I also have peace of mind knowing that my baby can stay in his diaper all night if necessary without any worry of leaks or discomfort. It was also a very smooth transition into bigger s. We started off with newborn, then into and now . When were done with our current box then we will most likely purchase for our / month old baby. I just really love how reliable the Pampers Swaddlers are and intend on using these the entire time our babys in diapers.

Lasted like forever. Received order very st!! Will buy again and again.

Pampers Swaddlers Diapers, Size , Diapers

With our st child we relayed on swaddlers as much as possible. She was a skinny baby and they fit her around the lags and waist the best of all brands. We moved to another brand as she got older and more active because of the need for the extra stening support none of the pampers have, but the swddlers always fit her the best and we had never had a blow out. Now on baby and saddly this chunky child makes the waist fit a bit too tight. Swaddlers worked much better for our st child than it os for our second. Baby has had the mesh liner stick to her when she her diapers comes off, it would not be so great to peel that off her if she had a rash. Sizing up makes the legs too big so we are using up our stock and moving to another brand for our nd baby. But for our st we still buy pampers when we can its just a hair more affordable. Overall swaddlers are a good diaper for a skinnier child than a chunky baby from my experience, i only wish they would find a way so the mesh didnt stick to your child as that happened all the time with both children.

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These diapers are amazing! My son had pretty sensitive skin as an innt and other brand name diapers just werent working for him. They seemed to almost irritate his skin more. Once we switched to Pampers Swaddlers we never had the issue again. It was a complete from previous brands. We were so happy with the swaddlers that we stayed in the Pampers mily as he grew and now have him in the Cruisers. I could go on and on about how wonderful these diapers were for my son, but I dont want this review to be too long! They kept him dry and he never had a leak. I actually still use them for him whenever he gets sick. The wetness indicator provides the piece of mind that he is getting fluids even when it seems like he isnt. His pediatrician even recommended we use them during a stomach bug to verify hydration. Overall, these diapers are great and I would and do recommend them to all friends and mily with small children.

Pampers Swaddlers diapers are the Choice of US Hospitals based on sales of the newborn hospital diaper

I purchased this product for my newborn. It was delivered within due date. Very good in quality and price. I recommend this product and appreciate the online service of Walmart.

My baby girl is allergic to every other diaper out there all we can use is pampers everything about the Daimlers is great but I personally thought the fitting was off my baby was breach and born via c section at weeks she was only lbs oz and within one week of being home with weight lost mind you she weight lbs oz when we left the hospital and three days later went to first pediatrician appointment weighed lbs oz her legs were getting cut up by the diapers!!! As soon as I saw this I immediately sent my husband to the store for one and she was so small and the was so big she / months now and is lbs oz and she still fits in them. Overall the diapers are great everything about them but the fitting for new born s even my pediatrician said that she still should have fit in them she fir just right in the new born d diapers they were just right fit not to big not to small and they cut her legs up so when we switched to she was so small in them she was swimming in the diaper.

Pampers Swaddlers Diapers, Size , Diapers

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We dont take those years of loyalty lightly, Courtney, and very much appreciate your opinion on our newest updates. Please know that we havent made any material changes to our Swaddlers at all, so they should still be the same great quality youve always loved. Our number is , we want to make this right and keep you in our Pampers mily.

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We have two kiddos and have always been loyal to Pampers diapers. We loved their super soft design and their adorable characters that we know and love. Recently that all changed. The diapers are r less soft and are prone to leakage. As soon as they are wet, the diapers smell immediately. We are so disappointed with the new design and changes recently made. Hoping Pampers will consider returning to their old quality standards so we can continue to be loyal customers. ☹️

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