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apple tv 2013 Fortnite Release For Apple TV Isnt Planned

Fortnite Release For Apple TV Isnt Planned

Epic isnt planning to bring Fortnite to Apple TV. References to tvOS in the Fortnite files are theresult of general Unreal Engine support for the Apple TV platform.

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One less platform for the battle royale giant to dominate.

Fortnite first launched in 201 for PC, PlayStation , and Xbox One. Epic then brought the game toiOSin April 201 and followed that with aNintendo Switchrelease in June,apple tv 2013 Fortnite Release For Apple TV Isnt Planned during E3. The official Fortnite Android beta has been released but finding the game ismore complicatedthan typing Fortnite or Fortnite Battle Royale in the Google Play Store, as the studio has opted to use a special Installer found on thegames website.

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Although Fortnitesnew patch received a slight delay, Epic has confirmed thev.30 updatewill launch on Thursday, August 23, with Week challenges becoming available a day later on Friday, August 2. And if you hurry, you can still complete theSeason challengesand earn those sweetrewards.

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According to, a Fortnite leaker named Storm took toTwitterto share a photo of the TV OS reference concealed somewhere in the games code. The tweet confidently stated that Fortnite would be coming to Apple [TVs] and that Apples tvOS operating system has been found in the files.

If you were hoping to playFortniteon your iPhone, then move over to your Apple TV for the next match, youre out of luck. While a dataminer has uncovered TV OS references in the games code, developer Epic Games has addressed the subject and denied any plans to bring Fortnite to Apple TV.

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But after the photo gained a bit of traction, Epics PR Manager Nick Chester hopped onTwitterto disprove Storms statement. He said that the references were just the result of general Unreal Engine support for the Apple TV platform.

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