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How to watch Amazon Prime In apple tv 2014 stant Video on Apple TV

The video should be now playing on your Apple TV. Sit back and watch the movie in fullscreen on your HDTV.

I would like bbc Iplayer. C4Od. Amazon prime. Downloadable apps.

And your post is a prime example of idiot.

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First, theres a difference between being petty and pointing out very blatant inaccurate reporting. Second your article, from title to comment is completely inaccurate. This article does NOT

As already told, these methods do not provide a permanent solution nor an absolute replacement for watching Amazon Prime on Apple TV. But this can surely help you to evade the temptation put forth by the Amazon Fire TV, till thenextgen. Apple TVis announced.

Youre right, it describes HOW TO USE ADDITIONAL DEVICES TO AESS AMAZON PRIME AND STREAM VIA AN APPLE TV USING STREAMING FUNCTIONALITY OF IOS AND APPLE SOFTWARE. Next time you post an article on your blog, thats how youll entitle it!

Prime Instant Videohas awonderful iOS appfree on the App Store, which is compatible with your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch. Of course, it lets you watch the rented movies or countless other subscriptionincluded ones via this app. The best part is thatit supports AirPlayand hence, can broadcast your vorite videos from Amazon Prime to your Apple TV.

these would be great alternatives except that Airplay is clunky. It frequently freezes, sticks, skips, and buffers regardless of the internet speed. On some occasions it simply shuts off.

hey nice article. the airplay via iphone is a great workaround!

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Are you using a Cisco/Linksys router? They dont play nice with Apple products sadly for the life of me I havent figured out why for the longest time I had issues with airplay on my Apple TV, whereas it worked perfectly at a friends house, switched routers, been working perfectly since. Although if you try to stream a bluray movie I have an external bluray player the high bitstream makes it a little choppy like its playing slightly below 24p but that could also be due to the age of my macbook pro

ive used the routers provided by my Internet providers. i had ATT Uverse and now Im using Cox Cable.

Step Start the movie, sit back and watch it on your HDTV

The comments on this post are casestudy in what the anonymity of Internet posting is doing to human interaction. Can anyone imagine people actually speaking directly to one another this way? Its comical and sad.

I bet there is an article on how to watch iTunes movies on your PS4 by trying to stream somehow someway. Or eventually plugging your idevice with an HDMI adaptor.

Oh, how petty. The second method is just an alternative way

Thanks.. was going to go get a AAACK!!! Roku or something similar, but this saves me the Ill just use Airplay thanks for the obvious that I overlooked myself. really appreciate it dont listen to the other jacka

Im not certain, but I think what the article was talking about is getting Amazon Prime Video playing on your computer or other device and then using the stream from my computer function of the Apple TV device to on your television whatever video is playing on your computer or other device.

HD via Airplay or HDMI? NO! iPad, iPad mini, iPhone ONLY SD

And no, using AirPlay is definitely NOT pretty much the

jason_roper, dont be a selfimportant ahole. Reporting him to Amazon and Apple. Jeesh!How to watch Amazon Prime In apple tv 2014 stant Video on Apple TV If you dont like his post make a constructive comment why you dont, but dont go full totalitarian on him!

I guess trying to help too much was the problem here. If more users are complaining about the confusion, I guess I will have to remove the second method from there.

It does on my Samsung Smart TV app. Receiver connected through optical from the TV.

byRoshanApril , 2014October 2, 201inHow To

But you need an Apple TV to use Airplay on a TV. So it IS using the Apple TV.

You apparently cannot read and comprehend an article.

Im glad you agree with me that the title is NOT what your article explains. And no, I wont entitle it in that way as I wouldnt write an article like this thats so misleading. Se if you titled it How to watch Amazon Prime via Airplay or something truthful, your readers would have more respect for you. As is, Im sure you readers will see from your response and attitude towards me that, you have a clear distain for them and dont warrant their respect.

Step 1 Step are the same as for the first method.

Finally, here is a worthy opponent for theApple TV, theFire TVfromAmazonand quite evidently, games andAmazon Prime Instant Videostreaming are a plus for the latter, right?

Step 4 Plug in your AV adapter and connect it to your TV via a HDMI cable. You can use the second slot on the adapter with your lightning or 0pin connector to charge your device simultaneously.

same as buying the relevant cables and plugging the iOS device directly into the TV. Follow the above tutorial to discover the difference.

Got to agree with Jason. Using the above methods are not anything anyone with an app,e tv and an iPad or iPhone doesnt know. Its about time Apple did an update to the severely crippled Apple tv to allow for services that are readily available directly. In addition provide more regional content providers. All these useless American sports channels and naff content providers. My Apple TV is literally a Netflix box. If I ever U subscribed from that it would be a brick. Especially since theyve stopped the ability to jailbreak it. It seems to be the forgotten brother of Apple products.

Another option would to get a smart tv, if thats to expensive for some get a android box and away you go, they are r cheaper than a apple tv.

How to work around the limitations of the crippled Apple TV.

You are a muppet. Dont use the site if you dont like the info!

Step 4 Start the movie and click on the AirPlay icon ed in the lower right chooseApple TV.

Step 0 Get a HDMIout cable for your device if you dont have one already Apple Digital AV Adapter Lightning or 0pin.

Anyway thanks for pointing that out and sorry for the confusing title. can just download Prime Video app on your apple tv gen4 and watch

How to watch Netflix, Hulu Plus, Amazon Prime Instant Video and other USonly services on Apple TV outside the US.

BTW, I just wanted to watch Amazon Prime via Apple TV and his article reminded me I can do it with my iPhone. Problem solved!

From the first iPod Touch till the new iPhone Plus,Roshanhas loved each of his iDevices and has been busy tweaking and getting the most out of them. As a Med student from India, he splits his time between studying diseases and writing about his iOS passion. When not on the web, you could find him glued to TV Shows, movies or the bed! You can find more of his writings onhis personal blog.

whoa, major il. SD is going to look like crap on a average 0 inch HDTV.

Step 2 Sign in with your Amazon Prime subscription ID.

Having read below comments by technology savvy persons criticising you for using incorrect title for the article, I want to give my two cent worth.

You use a genetic medical condition as a slur and dare to suggest someone else is horrible? Youre scum. Its spelled Aspergers by the way, go back to school.

Well, letswait a bittill Apple announces their nextgen. Apple TV so that we can make a irApple TV 4vs Amazon Fire TV comparison. In the meantime, if youre craving to get yourAmazon Prime Instant Videosubscription or rented movies on your Apple TV, here is a way.

As we all know there is never be a better solution in place of the Native App. As smart as we think Amazon is, it needs to develop native Prime video App for AppleTV. Millions of Amazon Prime customers complaining and getting mad that Amazon has developed Prime App that plays on IOS devices but thinks a rocket science to develop or code reuse the same for the AppleTV. I have complained a lot to Amazon customer service about the lack of such support and recently Amazon Rep said, such native App is coming soon. So, more people complain directly to Amazon customer service, louder the voice gets and and ster they will work on solution. That .

In case AirPlay is giving you trouble, you can use an HDMIout cable Apple Digital AV Adapteris recommended for the same. It works exactly like AirPlay, but may even be better in case of heavy videos.

Step Search for your vorite content or browse the limitless catalog and find the perfect movie for your mood.

One even more indirect, but seems to cause less stutter, is to stream the video straight from a Mac. This can be done if you use Parallels and Windows.

The sole purpose of this post, as mentioned in the introduction, was to ask current Apple TV users to wait for the next Apple TV before jumping at the Amazon Fire TV. I just wanted to make the interim period easier for them with a way to get Amazon Instant Video on Apple TV.

Terrible solution. Bad advice. You CAN connect with AirPlay, but you will HATE it. Pixelating and stalling, it works terribly. Best way is to dump AppeTV until they support Amazon Prime.

rude posters are also a turnoff. take your Asbergers Syndrome back to reddit or 4chan or whatever horrible little online community youre from.

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How to get Amazon Fire TV voice search on Apple TV

in general AirPlay supports .1, if the video youre streaming contains .1 audio, AirPlay will stream .1 to your .1 capable receiver. On the Apple TV set Dolby Digital to On

I am the one who wrote this article and am really sorry for the mix up with the title.

This has to be the dumbest tech advice Ive ever read! How does connecting an idevice directly to your TV via a HDMI connector equate to watching Amazon Prime on an Apple TV?? You might as well have said the easiest way to watch Amazon Prime on an Apple TV is to buy an amazon fire box, disconnect your Apple TV and connect the Amazon Fire box in its place, then take your Apple TV and stand on it. That is pretty much the ONLY way you will get to watch Amazon Prime ON an Apple TV.

Rude moderators/authors usually lose readership. Idiot article, idiot mod responses and all this just to get some SEO search terms. I had fun reading all the bags on this person named Roro

hey asshat.sorry to be so rude.but the posters are obviously have absolutely no clue, and you are a rude idiot.

While I was writing the post, the second method just popped into my mind. Most Apple TV owners are iOS device owners too And that is the only reason why that method has been added, in case Airplay gives some trouble.

I am not very technologically savvy though I can get by with a little bit of reading online. I was looking for a cheap and simply way to be able to watch Amazon Prime on Apple TV. I dont care if it is through streaming or a direct brain operation of the Apple TV. I I certainly found the article useful and appreciate that it provided an alternative way as well. The rants of the technologically savvy people below is just mental masturbation showing how clever they are. I wouldnt pay any attention to them!

Amazon prime wont offer Dolby surround no matter what I try.

Glad I found this so I know how to get Amazon Instant Video to work on an Apple TV. I wished I had bothered to look and found it before I bought my Apple TV. If I had known AIV wasnt readily available on Apple TV without AirPlay I wouldve never bought it and gotten a second Roku instead.

in case there are issues with AirPlay. And yes, its actually always VIA an Apple TV, not ON, since the Apple TV doesnt have a screen, but its just the way all tech bloggers used to say.

Step 1 Download thefree Amazon Instant Video appon your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch.

You are the one being petty and like Gadget Man Jay cannot read an article and comprehend it. Technically, you are not being petty, you are being ignorant. The Editor is completely correct in his article and his title.

afraid i have to agree with the other guy. i already knew i could stream anything on to my tv using air play. i do it all the time. Title did mislead me into thinking there is some way to do this without additional devices. So in the spirit of honest jounalism i would also suggest you change the title to reflect the ct that this is a workaround.

I wouldnt reccomend an Apple TV to anyone in its current state.

2. The alternative method HDMI out cableno Apple TV needed

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