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Before I get into the details and nittygritty, here a look at the recent additions and toplevel cts about Apple TV K.

The Apple TV K is available in GB and GB configurations. Unless you download lots of big games, GB is plenty, since the box streams pretty much everything else video, photos and so on and the storage is used primarily for apps.

After Netflix, Amazon is the secondmost popular paid streaming service, so its about time it appeared on Apple TV. Its the mostuptodate version of the app, with a layout that looks like a leleek version of Netflix itself lots of labeled rows and thumbnail s. Toplevel navigation provides quick access to major sections like Originals and Movies, and the layout is miliar and intuitive.

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The Apple TV Ks biggest competition comes from Roku, specifically theRoku Streaming Stick Plus. At less than half the price it remains a superior value to the Apple TV K for most people, as detailed below.

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It combines the best streaming video quality available today includingDolby Vision HDR, which no other streamer offers with the smoothest, most polished feel. Its as quick and capable as any streamer around. And if you just bought an expensiveK HDR TV, the price of stepping up to an Apple TV might seem like a very worthwhile drop in the bucket.

When this review originally published, Apples iTunes was unique in charging the same price for K and HD movies. Now competing services like Vudu have followed suit, matching prices for the most part.

Thats not a huge loss, since YouTubes normal p videos look very good. YouTube ns who insist on peak quality should probably choose another device that does deliver it in K, like Rokus K players or theChromecast Ultra.

support with multiroom audio coming soon, and a setting to automatically engage

The original review of the Apple TV K mostly unchanged aside from the mention of the updated Vudu app follows.

Updated connections include Gigabit Ethernet, .ac Wi‑Fi with simultaneous .GHz and GHz bands and Bluetooth .. The video out is nowHDMI .ato support K HDR video. The Apple TV K can do Dolby Digital surround sound,apple tv box Apple TV K review Better streaming will cost you but its not compatible withDolby Atmosaudio.

In addition to integrating TV shows and movies from Amazon,

Once you make that purchase, however, Apple TVs Amazon and Vudu apps have full access to the title.

There were also some weird results. Show me TV shows in HDR, for example, only returned results from Amazon, while Show me TV shows in K only returned Netflix shows even though both services offer K and HDR shows. Either way I appreciate the ability to specify K HDR shows, because Amazons intece doesnt let you search for K specifically results always seem to return the nonK version.

You can sync the home s of multiple Apple TVs in your household, automatically mirroring their arrangements and folders. Downloading an app on one adds it to another.

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Right now the Amazon app supports K and standard HDR, but not Dolby Vision. Thats not a huge deal since only a handful of Amazon titles are in that format, including Season of Bosch and a few older movies including Fury and Elysium. Amazon did not provide a timeline for when Dolby Vision support would be available.

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This review was first published September , , when the Apple TV K was first released, and updated substantially on December , when the app for Amazon Prime video was added. It remains our top video streamer pick for Apple ns and those who dont mind paying extra for its advantages namely Dolby Vision and a premium user experience.

A new software update allows you to adjust settings to disable conversion of videos, menus and games to HDR and a fixed frame rate. Check out the details, and my recommended settings,

will soon add a section devoted to live sports, starting with ESPN and the NBA. Youll receive notifications when your vorite teams are playing live or the game is close, and a in the app lists events currently playing or coming up soon, along with the time remaining and current scores.

I have always loved the touchpadequipped Apple TV remote. Whipping around menus and videos with one thumb feels slick and futuristic. I dig the tidy and button count as well as the quality feel of its materials from metal to glass to the matte touchpad itself.

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My vorite streamer is theRoku Streaming Stick Plus, because it costs less than half as much and is almost as good. Both do basically the same things very well, and Roku has its own substantial advantages beyond price. Although Apple TV Ks Vudu app was upgraded in May to support K and HDR, Roku still has more K apps, including YouTube, whose numerous K and HDR videos arent available on Apple TV K. Rokus platform is more contentneutral, and I love its pricecentric search results.

For many others, the Apple TV remote is the Apple TVsleastloved feature. Ineed, unless I attach thelanyard or a remote case, I occasionally pick it up wrongsideup and start swiping the bottom glass, not the top pad. A clever, ultraminimalist design touch solves that issue admirably on the Apple TV K remote Theres a raised, white ring around the menu key. Now its obvious at a glance which end is up. Apple is also adding this white ring to the original Apple TV remote. Bravo!

Now that it finally includesan app for Amazon video, Apples K streaming box is the handsdown best product of its kind. But you should only buy one if you want a premium experience and are willing to pay for it.

Its also not compatible with the K or HDR videos from YouTube. YouTube relies on theVP codecfor distribution and playback of K and HDR videos, a YouTube representative told me. The new Apple TV does not support VP and therefore we cant deliver K resolution on this device. In other words, dont expect K and/or HDR YouTube videos on the Apple TV anytime soon.

Voice search is available too. You can use the Search within the app and dictate terms into the Apple TV remote, or you can use Siri global search. Hitting the remotes mic button returned relevent results when I said Show me popular shows on Amazon and Show me movies on Amazon, for example.

The Apple TV K delivers the best streaming video available to compatible K, HDR and Dolby Vision TVs. It offers the most polished streaming experience today, the best remote on the market and excellent Siri voice options. Its just , or AU more than the nonK box.

Left Apple TV K. Right Apple TV with the old remote.

The original nonK Apple TV remains on sale, butmy adviceis pay the extra for the Apple TV K. If you own a K or HDR TV now youll get an immediate benefit, and even if you dont, changes are good that your next TV will be K and HDR compatible.

Thanks to the new Amazon app it can finally access the movies and TV shows available to Prime members, as well as play back stuff you own on Amazon.

Just like with theVuduapp, Amazons on app on Apple TV will not let you purchase TV shows and movies directly. Those purchases can only be made through iTunes. If you want to buy or rent an Amazon title via Apple TV, youll have to buy it somewhere else first, like Amazons website. On Roku and other platforms you can buy stuff directly from within the Amazon app, just not on Apple TV.

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The Bottom LineIf you can swing the price and want the best streamer available today, get the Apple TV K.

Under the hood theres an Apples AX Fusion processor the same used in theiPad Pro for ster processing and graphics than the A chip in the model. However, both boxes felt equally quick to me. Perhaps future games will take advantage of the new processor.

So what do I mean by experience? Apple TV has a wy nicer remote, sleeker controls, betterlooking menus, more updated apps, superior voice search and control, and, with the integration ofMovies Anywherewith iTunes, excellent access to movies and TV shows purchased from other services like Vudu and Amazon. On an everyday basis, using Apple TV just feels better.

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The box itself looks exactly like its predecessor. The only visible difference between the two is theabsenceof a USBC port on the back of the new one. Apple told me it was only used for service, and its not needed anymore.

The Roku Streaming Stick is an excellent choice if you couldnt care less about K and…

In the end Rokus value proposition makes it a better choice for most people. If youre a person who just wants the best product regardless of price, however, thats the Apple TV K.

The BadThe Apple TV K is expensive. It doesnt stream YouTube in K or offer Dolby Atmos audio. Cheaper streaming devices from Roku and others offer similar quality and capabilities, as well as more K apps.

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