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apple tv 2014How to get XBMC on Apple TV

apple tv 2014How to get XBMC on Apple TVIm from latin america, almost everyone hates iphones/ipads xd

If you do have an Apple TV and want to watch XBMC on your big screen, the best shot would be to make use of theAirPlay Mirroringfeature of iOS devices and Macs and even Android and PCs with just the right apps and software. These methods can be used for older generation Apple TVs too. So read on.

Step 2 Download and install XBMC for Windows fromhere

Step 2 Once the source is added, you can either search for XBMC or find it within the source. Tap onInstallandConfirm.

Done! Your Windows computers screen is is now being streamed to your Apple TV. Open XBMC on the PC and start watching movies on the big screen.

To try Mirror beta, you need to do the following

I somehow changed my xbmc main menu and my apple tv remote wont let me get to the full screen menu. Help!

Sounds enough, but, since we havent tried this method ourselves yet as this wasnt possible until recently, wed love to hear back from you guys on the results.

And although there is a way to get XBMC working on theoriginal Apple TV, as well as on jailbrokenApple TV 2see more details at the end of this post, there are still millions ofApple TV and nonjailbreakable Apple TV 2* owners left without the ability to get XBMC on their little, black boxes.

In this case we will use AirParrot, the only software out there that enables screen mirroring on Windows.

I have an Apple TV in my home and have a Comcast account at a different apartment. When I try to airplay live comcast channels from my iphone it states there is a security protocol not allowing it. Any way around this?

* Latest jailbreakable Apple TV software version is ..

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Thelatest beta of OpenElecsupportsXBMC 1.0 Gotham.

However, Apple doesnt seem to think so, as there are no XBMC apps for iPhone or iPad nor any XBMC support on Apple TV, may be due to the misuse for piracy. But it seems unir that the restnonpirategood fellas have to suffer too.

The process is a bit complicated forApple TV 1users. In this case, youll be using a software calledOpenElecand you wont be able to install XBMC as a separate channel on your settop box but instead youll need toinstall XBMC as a standalone operating system on it. In short, your old Apple TV will boot directly into the XBMC home screen.

Step Right click on the AirParrot icon in the bottom right and select your Apple TV.

So these are the methods by which you can get XBMC to show up on your HDTV using the Apple TV or nonjailbreakable Apple TV 2. Please try them out and let us know which one works the best for you.

Just enable OS X native AirPlay Mirroring to the Apple TV and its done.

airparrot?? get chrome cast for one paid off

Im having the same issue here. It wont allow me to change to anything other than full screen 1.

Koushik Duttas Mirror app currently in beta can now mirror your Android screen to an Apple TV.

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Airplay, Airplay.. hate that . thats not the point!

This is probably a question for XBMC website, but when Im in Airplay mode from my iPad, I cant seem to get the Fullscreen 2 setting to work. It shows up in the settings but when I tap it the whole menu disappears and it wont switch from 1. Any ideas here?

There is a much better solution. Plex Media. You run a Plex server from a Mac or Windows and unlike XBMC there are Apps for playback on just about anything but the Apple TV. iOS, Android, Chromecast, Roku, etc. You can use Airplay to push it to the Apple TV, or there is a hack that allows you access Plex through the trailers app, its a little complicated though so I wouldnt recommend that path for a novice.

Now your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch is running the complete XBMC suite. Just enable AirPlay Mirroring from the pull up menu and your HDTV will start the show.

Youll notice that the app screen and media are showingboxedinor with black pillars on its sides. Fear not! Within the app, just go into Settings System Video Display mode and change it to FullScreen 2

Plex/PlexConnect XBMC One central source for the catalog and then clients to watch the content, why would you want multiple XBMC installs/daases?

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1Root your Android 4.4.2 phonenot necessary in the future

You can have a centralised mysql daase. No need for a powerful server. Just one client willing to host the daase

Now, install XBMC on your Android device fromXBMC downloads . Fire it up and AirPlay to your Apple TV.

But while we canin no wayadd XBMC directly to the Apple TV , there sure is a way to enjoy XBMC content on the HDTV using a rd gen. Apple TV. Heres how.

Once youre jailbroken, you canfollow this guide to install XBMC.

However, if you want to multitask simultaneously, like edit a document or surf the internet or watch another movie while your wife watches the XBMC media, you can get other mirroring apps likeAirParrot, which helps to broadcast specific single apps. You can just hide the XBMC windows on the Mac and start using Sari or Keynote, without them showing up on the television.

Step 1 Open Cydia Sources Edit Tap the plus button on left top add this source and confirm

XBMCis probably the most popular and versatile media managing hub out there, thanks to its supports for a variety of content, provision for third partyaddonsand compatibility with almost all operating systems.

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XBMC will automatically detect that youre on an Apple TV and turn the devices screen into a gesture based remote and you can enjoy your movies in full screen on the HDTV.

Download and install XBMC on your Mac from theofficial site.

Apple TV 2has a sle andpopular jailbreak solution, which will easily enable you to install XBMC directly on the Apple TV.Seas0nPassJB for Apple TV 2 is very well accepted by users and it is evident with the too high asking price forused Apple TV 2 on eBay. So if youre not already jailbroken, it is highly recommended that you do it by followingour tutorial.

This method works only if you have a jailbroken iOS device. Find out more aboutjailbreaking your iDevice.

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