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apple tv reviewStreamer Reviews News ArticlesThe Zappiti K HDR mily are a solution to replaying virtually any media format, you also get a wellrounded media centre ecosystem into the bargain but is it really worth paying the extra? Well, it depends…

The latest beta of tvOS for developers contains fixes for the dynamic range issues of the Apple TV K as well as adding dynamic refresh rate switching as an option.

Googles new streaming dongle supports Ultra HD and HDR streaming and also, unsurprisingly, interacts with their new Google Home smart wireless speaker and assistant.

According to insiders, Apple is testing its new Apple TV device which will, finally, add Ultra HD capability but does anyone really care?

Its a new SHIELD TV with a host of added features, a redesigned controller and allnew smaller form ctor chassis. Is it still the daddy of allinone solutions?

The new budget Windows Mini PC from Minix is built well, performs great and makes for a very decent option as a media hub.

The biggest draw for the Minix NEO Z Pro Mini PC is a cutprice Windows Pro licence but, as a KODI alternative, the new CPU has stifled matters, somewhat. Still theres lots to like with excellent networking and great build quality among them.

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Popular brands include Yamaha, Roku, Apple, Samsung, Now TV, Kindle TV, iTunes, Sonos, Netgear and Sony.

Do you want pretty much all the major UK streaming services, in up to K HDR, packed in to one, tiny and incredibly easy to use package? Look no further, the Roku Streaming Stick Plus is indispuly the best supported dedicated streamer…

Billed as part NAS and part highend Android Media Player, the DVD Fab Movie Server is designed to simplify and enhance the process of watching your own disc rips but does it broach the interdevice duties successfully?

Streaming content has never been so popular and as internet speeds continue to get ster it is likely to be the biggest growth area of the audio visual industry.

For video streaming we have media players and streamers like the Apple TV and Roku boxes. These have services such as Netflix, BBC iPlayer, OD, Demand and Plex. Netflix started the worlds first K Ultra HD streaming service in early .

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The Zidoo XS is a highly capable Android media hub with the ability to play D, K, bit HEVC and HD audio although one or two issues remain.

Somewhere between a Fire TV/Roku and a Sky Q Box Mini or NOW TV box, the Humax H Espresso is the first media streamer from the company and its available now.

NVIDIA launch their new Shield TV at CES and it has everything you could want in a single device including media playback, streaming, gaming and even integrated control.

The Pro Air has a better than average remote and decent allround performance but, as a media hub for enthusiasts, there are vital shortcomings.

Egreat makes a grab at the highend of the media streamer market with the A. It offers excellent video playback, object based audio passthrough, frame packed D and host of other features but is it really worth all that extra cash?

The Remix IO has hit nearly , in pledges for its Kickstarter campain. Can it really marry the worlds of mobile, TV Box and PC? Just a shame its a Rockchip processor…

The Wetek Hub delivers impressive video playback all the way up to bit HEVC K and passthrough of HD audio formats. Its also comes with its own customised KODI media player as well as a range of other useful Wetek apps and features.

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New music streaming services seem to appear on a weekly basis with the most popular being Spotify. In terms of movie and TV show streaming both Netflix and Amazon are fighting it out for top dog status.

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NVIDIA is pitting its SHIELD TV directly against the new Apple TV K if it wasnt already by releasing a games controllerfree, remoteonly, mediacentric SKU at which is precisely the price of the base ATV K model. Has Apple got them…

The Minix Neo NC is the first device from the manucturer that allows for upgrades to RAM and internal storage. It features Triple Display K video output, theres a VESA mount and UHD HEVC K decoding, Netflix, YouTube and the rest to keep…

Streaming is the delivery of audio and video called content into your home and/or on to your mobile device through a local network and over the internet from a delivery service.

The NEO Z promises to be a nifty little PC/Media PC with a Cherry Trail processor, GB of RAM, GB of eMMC storage and a nless design.

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Amazons third generation Fire TV Stick will be available in April in the UK bringing with Alexa digital assistant, more processing power and a revamped user intece, all for forty quid

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For less than the new Fire TV offers up to K HDR streaming, an absolute wealth of apps and games and all the benefits of Alexa but is there a reason why its cheaper than the Apple TV K and NVIDIA SHIELD Android TV?

The Xmedex Xtreme Plus has some good features, a nice UI and promises playback of HD audio, framepacked D and bit HEVC but there are some shortcomings.

The Wetek Play is a hybrid media hub running Android with a builtin tuner for live TV and PVR functions but can it marry its duties to provide value for money?

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There is a cinema mode hiding in the Fire OS source code which would allow the Fire TV to output content at a refresh rate that complements the frame rate of the content. We just need Amazon to unlock it and developers to make use of it now.

Apple finally upgrade their TV streaming box, adding K, HDR and Dolby Vision support. Does the new device eclipse the competition and have Apple changed the game yet again?

The OSMC Vero K benefits from tailor made software, superb manucturer support and some excellent hardware on which to build. There are minor limitations but, chances are, they will be ironed out soon, this one serious little contender.

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The Homy Player features a top of the range AMLogic processor, DRM clearance for K streaming apps and has been built form the ground up as a universal controller for smart home products.

Egreat makes a very credible assault on the upper end of the Android media streaming market with the A. It lacks some of the features of the competition but, in pure playback terms, it is right up there with the best.

While the Vorke V is a pretty competent Windows Mini PC, for the sums involved, its not really a great choice as a mini HTPC or streaming device.

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When it comes to equipment to stream content there are also different approaches. In the home it may be that you want to stream your own music library around the house and there are a few approaches to this. The most popular are modular systems like Sonos and Samsung wireless systems. You also have hard drive based music players. These stream the contents of the HDD around the home using your network.

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The Neo UH is another solid and reliable Android media player from Minix but has it arrived too late and is it worth the price.

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