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Applapple phonee iPhone Release Date Price Specs Features rumors concept design All you need to know

. Home Button Home, Multitasking, Siri, Accessibility, Touch ID, Reachability, Apple Pay More Responsive, More customizable

Fifthly, Touch ID was already introduced in iPhone S which helps us to unlock the phone by recognizing the finger print of the owner. In iPhone we would like to see biometrics going to the next level so that if we just look at it, the phone will get unlocked.

Fourthly, iPhone with a curve edged is another feature that we will definitely like to see. We would love to see iPhone with round edged .

Secondly, we would like to see iPhone in different s suiting the needs of the different users. Along with the . inch and . inch s, we would also like to see iPhone with inch screen with all the same features.

The two variants of iPhone are going to come with screen measuring about . inch and . inch and sharper screen resolution of p. There are also rumors that iPhone is going to come with OLED instead of the LCD which is gathered from an update by the supply chain source.

Rumors on iPhone has Started After the Release of iPhone

Wireless charging unit was expected to arrive along with iPhone s, however it was not introduced. So we are expecting Apple to introduce wireless charging option in the next generation phone.

According to the latest update iPhone is going to be integrated with hexa core A processor which is going to boost the performance of the gadget by manifold times. The iPhone s model is powered by a dual core processor and the flagship smartphones from other brands is integrated with quad core processor. Therefore, whether or not iPhone is going to come with a hexa core processor is a big question to us. If it turns out to be true, then Apple is definitely going to create a bench mark in terms of the processor.

Why Apple doesnt have dual sim like the other brands?

As r as the price of this product is concerned, it is really difficult to speculate about this. However, previously we have seen the price of the flagship products have remained more or less the same. Therefore, we can guess that iPhone will come with a price tag of for GB, for GB and for GB. this isbest valentine gift for your girlfriend.

iPhone series might come with a non metal body. The possible alternatives are ceramics, plastics or liquid metal. But what it will be, we are not sure. However, we must say that the metal body iPhone s looks really chic and we would be happy to see a redesigning of the phone with the same metal.

Traveling back time, we can see that since Apple has been releasing its product in the month of September. iPhone c and s were launched on September, iPhone and Plus were launched on thSeptember and iPhone s and s Plus were launched on September, . Therefore, we are expecting Apple to maintain this tradition next year as well. However, our close observation reveals that Apple prefers launching their product on Tuesdays. So the most probable days for releasing Apples phone will be eitherthor thSeptember, . And thereafter it will be released globally by the end of the month.

Thirdly, iPhone with an unbreakable screen will be a tremendous feature that will definitely enhance the number of n following of iPhones worldwide.

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. Audio Speakers Builtin Sterio Speakers is at bottom and one at top Increased Dynamic Range x Time better

. Ear Buds Lightning Digital Audio Power and Control million Lightning Connector Devices

After all these years, chances of iPhone to be water proof are really high. Patent has been submitted and though the research is still going on but we are expecting Apple to introduce this feature from the next generation phones.

Apple iPhone Release Date, Price, Specs, Features, rumors, concept design, All you need to know

Iphone s price iphone price in india and releas date..

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Gesture passcodes are quite popular amongst the Android users and we might expect the same in iOS platform as well. In the iOS platform we have to use a digit passcode which the users are not at happy to use. Gesture entry technique patent has been already submitted by Apple and gesture passcode might be integrated in iPhone .

What is price gonna be due to these many features is gonna be more than k

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There are rumors that Apple is going to do away with the home button in the next generation phone. This will help in the screen bigger in . However, iPhone s Touch ID is integrated in the home button of the phone, therefore removing it would mean that the touch id needs to be moved to either side of the phone or on the screen itself. Apple has lately submitted a patent were the touch id was present in the screen of the phone, so chances of our prediction turning into reality is high. check all information aboutiPad Mini

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There are also rumors that the traditional home button of the iPhone might be replaced with a pressure sensitive finger print sensor. The pressure sensitive button can be used for different purpose.

We have been expecting an iPhone with edge to edge from a long time and though our expectation has not been met still now, but we are keeping our hopes high even this time. Recently, a patent was submitted which showed a with bumpers at the four edges. This will protect the screen from getting cracked if it accidentally lls off your hand. However, Apple keeps submitting different kinds of patents which are not in use still now, so whether this is going to be realized this time or not, we are not sure. D Touch feature which was present in its predecessors will be present in iPhone as well and might be with additional features.

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Along with upgraded processor, we are also expecting iPhone to come with better RAM. The iPhone is rumored to be incorporated with GB RAM to support the high end processor. However, some of the experts of the opinion that GB RAM will be present in only the iPhone Plus model as it features the dual camera for processing . We feel that iPhone is definitely going to come with a better processor than its predecessor. If not a hexa core processor, a quad core processor is definitely on its way in iPhone which will be comforly supported by GB RAM.

Apple iPhone Wishlist, Features We would like to see in NextGen Apple iPhone

Rumors suggest that iPhone might come with a smart connector just like the one present in Apples iPad Pro range. The idea of iPhone coming with a connector first appeared in a leaked of the model of the phone. These connectors are basically used for connecting the gadget to a keyboard. Since these connectors have hardly any utility in the iPhone , we were wondering that it might not be true. However, there are chances that iPhone Plus might be equipped with the connectors.

iPhone base model should come with greater memory as the iOS takes away half of the space of the phone and when the phone gets updated, there is a lot more space crunch. So the base model of iPhone should come with at least GB memory.

Is it just me or dose the design of the I phone look like an iPod version of the Nokia Lumia like the and everything it looks remarkably similar in shape and . I truly thought apple could do better in the design of the new iPhone.

. Performance Fastest Smartphone of the market New Generation Chip A Fusion bit FourCore CPU Two high performance core ster than A X FASTER THAN a two HIGH EFFICIENCY CORES / THE POWER Longer battery life Appledesigned performance controller Graphics ster than A X ster than A x ster than original iPhone the most powerful chip ever in a smartphone

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. Cameraoptical silization, six element lens, High Speed Sensor, ster, more energy efficient, quadLED, True Tone Flash, more Light Flickr Sensor, Appledesigned signal processor ISP Reads the scene and Face and Body detection, exposure FocusNoice DeductionWhite Balance and many more Over billion operataions in milli seconds while taking a picture

The Chinese tech site Weibo came up with the news that iPhone might come up with a range of new features like fingerprint scanner, dual camera, multi force touch technology, wireless charging and USB charging point that will be compatible with the earplugs as well.

nm A Chip for iPhone to Be Made by TSMC

Chances of iPhone coming with dual camera are remote. However, we might get to see iPhone Plus or iPhone Pro with dual lens which is definitely going to be a one of kind feature in iPhone.

iPhone is going to be powered byiOS which is coming with some tremendous updates like an improvised Siri that will be synced with the third party apps as well and some other updates.

On the other hand, there are also rumors that Apple is going to launch  its next generation iPhones i.e.iPhone and iPhone s in two different dates. This decision might have been taken to deal with the global competition. So we can expect iPhone in coming spring and iPhone s in the next autumn. If these phones are not released simultaneously, then we are not expecting some major updates to be included in the two phones. However, these are mere speculations and we are not really sure about it. So mark the date for iPhone Release date.

Rumors on iPhone has Started After the Release of iPhone

. DesignRefined Design, Jet Black Finish, High Glass Finish, Stainless Steel Apple Logo

. Retina HD Display brighter Wide Color Gamut Cima Standard Color Management D Touch

iPhone is the next big thing from the house of Apple and millions of ns have their eyes on it. Experts have been constantly speculating about the features of this flagship smartphone from a long time from any update or rumor they came to hear. Based on such rumors and updates we have penned down this write up features all the speculations, rumors, specifications and aspects of this smartphone. Here it goes

Apple Designed W Chip Hours Listening Hours Total Listening

iPhone Ss battery was not so good and in this genre we are expecting some good improvisations in the next generation iPhone. However, there are already rumors that iPhone is going to be the slickest smartphone ever produced and therefore chances of it to come with a better battery are sleek. Nonetheless, tech geeks have dig out the news that though the battery will be sleeker but it will be stronger than the present one.

We have been requesting Apple to introduce expandable memory in iPhones from a long time. But our requests have remained unheard. So it is our earnest request again that iPhone comes with expandable memory capacity that will allow us to buy the basic model of iPhone and then supplement it with a MicroSD card with greater capacity.

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It goes without saying that iPhone will be powered by iOS and therefore it will flaunt all the new features that are being included in the next generation iOS platform.

iPhone is going to be integrated with a MP primary and MP secondary camera just as it is present in iPhone S. However, the main attraction as r as iPhone s camera is concerned will be the performance booster that will be added to it. Firstly, it might be equipped with OIS. Secondly, the recent leaks suggest that it will come with a bigger lens that will let in more light and thus ensure better quality picture.


Firstly, it would be great if iPhone comes with a wireless charger that will be compatible with iWatch as well. Wireless technology is widely available all over the world now, so it would be great if Apple introduces it this time.

The first model of every series of iPhone comes with major updates. Therefore, it is expected that iPhone is going to follow suit and entice the world with its cool updates. Here are the speculated features of iPhone that is going to make one of the best in the global market

Every year Apple submits thousands of patents and is no exception. Lately it has submitted a wrap around with a curved screen. Therefore, we can expect iPhone to come with a curved wraparound .

We will also expect iPhone to come with a QHD . That will enhance the users experience while playing video games in it or while watching movies in it. QHD is a common feature of all flagship smartphones, so Apple might just be in the league by introducing it this time with iPhone . Check AlsoBest Porle charger

Moreover, chances are there iPhone and s will be made with a more durable material that will ensure that the phone has a stronger built. We were expecting iPhone to be made from sapphire glass, unfortunately we didnt get to see that. So we would be happy to see a stronger and more durable sapphire glass in the next generation iPhone.

iPhone vs iPhone s Alook into the radical future of iPhone

Apple iPhone Wishlist, Features We would like to see in NextGen Apple iPhone

In the next generation phones, SIM card is expected to be integrated within the phone and it aligns with different carriers and has the same feature as the normal SIM card. Introduction of this feature in iPhone is going to make the phone r more secured.

These are the rumored features of iPhone that the tech geeks are talking about right now. Apart from these here is a list of features that we would like to see in iPhone

We will keep updating our readers about more news and rumors about iPhone , until then keep reading!!

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