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Roku 3roku 3 vs Roku Premier

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Theres a new OS coming as well as new boxes. ROKU did this a couple of years ago too and when the dust settled you definitely wanted one of the new boxes to handle the new OS.

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My only concern is that they wont update the vue app on the Roku 3.

On the more serious side… the Ultra one step up has an optical out, which might be very important to some. Also good news is they removed the n requirement.

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I see. Should I return this one and wait a week?

Will these new devices get channel updates that older ones dont? It has happened before but not every generation so we just dont know at this point.

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yeah, i really got screwed. the korean panel i paid nearly k for was marketed with hdcp . last summer, but when i tried it on a NVidia Shield and K didnt k worked fine at hdcp . or dp fps i then discovered they were still selling the same model with hdcp . taken off the spec sheet. they promised me a upgrade board to fix it, but they didnt update my model in resale either that was over a year ago… boy did i get ed for being an early adopter.

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agreed if you dont need anything beyond k3fps then roku3 is fine. any performance hit your are suffering on your wired roku3 is due to your isp or streaming host, not your roku. i have a k screen, so im curious about premier k to k upscaling quality HOWEVER the ct that k content hdcp . may require hdcp . to in k would be a deal breaker for me, as most of the cheap ks out there like mine cant handle hdcp . so im waiting for several thourough reviews before my next roku3/p choice. i expect the lack of true hdcp . panel install base to create a glut of returns on the premiers as buyers discover their ks cant handle the latest DRM.

oh… the high price of trying to go bleeding edge… sigh….

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I purchased the Roku 3 on Monday and just saw the announcement for the new devices. Is there a difference between the Roku 3 and the Roku premier? Also, any update on the ps vue app? Is it more likely they will update the new devices and not the older rokus?

The new Premier has * heat runs hotter * larger requires more real estate * power reqs requires more power to run * bigger priceRoku 3roku 3 vs Roku Premier

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