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Review Infuse is the ultimate media centerapple tv review software for your Apple TV

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Most importantly, its powerful decoder renders any foreign video format directly on the Apple TV hardware, no conversion needed, in silky smooth sixty frames per second.

I cant think of any major pain points with Infuse.

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The app is localized in English, Arabic, Bokmål, Norwegian, Catalan, Croatian, Czech, Danish, Dutch, Finnish, French, German, Greek, Hebrew, Hungarian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Simplified Chinese, Slovak, Spanish, Swedish, Traditional Chinese and Turkish.

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Advanced Infuse features that require a . InApp Purchase include support for additional video formats and Dolby Digital Plus AC/EAC, DTS and DTSHD mobile surround sound, streaming a wider variety of video s over AirPlay and Google Cast, twoway sync of your watched history and playback, and playback while your iOS device is locked.

It automatically fetches movie details and artwork, integrates with for keeping watched progress in sync on multiple devices, retrieves subtitles from and more.

As I wrotein my preview a few days ago, Infuse for Apple TV releasing later today in the App Store is an awesome app that turns Apples fourthgeneration settop box into a powerful, easytouse media center.

Yes, you cannot store videos in Infuse due to Appleimposed restrictions prohibiting persistent storage for tvOS apps, but thats beyond the point as Infuse is about streaming content scattered across your computers and network shares, and it does that perfectly.

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On the movie , selectingEditlets you change the file name or update metadata by choosing a similar movie in the list. ClickingRatebrings up a gorgeous hearts intece to submit ratings to Infuse for iOS additional supports posting comments to

I also wish the app included additional subtitle sources beyond OpenSubtitles or, ideally, an option to add my own subtitle source. Other than that, Ive found Infuse to be the best media player on both iOS and the Apple TV.

I also logged in to in Settings, which required entering an authorization code ed on the Apple TV into a web via a computer. This lets me  scrobble watched movies and TV shows and keeps watched progress in sync on multiple devices.

And with its superclean way to enjoy a wide array of videos s from wherever you may happen to have them stored, without wasting time converting them, Infuse isin my personal opinionthe best media center solution for your box.

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To load more subtitles, selectGet Morein the Subtitles menu. Needless to say, you can bring your own subtitles and Infuse will automatically load them provided theyre in the same folder as your movies.

No longer do you have to worry about video formats, file conversion and subtitlesInfuse for Apple TV takes care of all that jazz, and then some more. The app can stream your media from a Mac or Windows PC, NAS or WiFi drives and even through a server app like Plex, Kodi or Servo.

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Its especially convenient that Infuse includes fully certified Dolby Digital Plus AC/EAC, DTS and DTSHD audio. As the Apple TV supports Dolby Digital Plus . via HDMI Apple has nixed the outdated optical audio port, those with a compatible receiver can enjoy full surround sound through their home theater system.

It cracks me up that ajailbreakwas needed to let Apple TV user enjoy their own media libraries directly on the deviceand yet here we are today asFireCore, the same developer behind theaTV FlashBlack, unveils an Applesanctioned media player app for the new Apple TV.

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You end up with a beautiful view of your library with crisp movie posters and informative meta data and descriptionsalmost as if browsing iTunes movies on the Apple TV. If you later on save a movie to your network share, Infuse will detect the new file after a minute or two and add the item to your main view.

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After typing in the administrator user name and password for my MacBook Air and TB Time Capsule, I could browse my folders on the Apple TV. I then added a few folders to Infuses Favorites section by pressing and holding the Touch suce on the Siri Remote, and selectingAdd to Favoritesfrom a popup menu.

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Featuring one of the most robust implementation of subtitles on iOS, Infuse lets you override system deult settings and adjust subtitle ce, , , outline and other parameters. Just swipe down on the Touch suce while the movie is playing, selectSubtitlesand make your changes there.

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The app supports a total of different ill formats, from standard MP, MV and MOV to MKV, AVI, WMV, MTS, FLV, OGM, OGV, ASF, GP, DVRMS, WebM and WTV. Thanks to the Apple TVs st A processor and Infuses powerful rendering engine, youll enjoy silky smooth p video playback without missing a frame.

Infuse automatically downloads the correct subtitle file for the movie being played via OpenSubtitles, based on your preferred subtitle language selected in Settings you can also choose deult language for audio and metadata.

As mentioned,  the app, like its iOS counterpart, streams media from wherever you may happen to have it stored, be it a Mac, PC, NAS, WiFi drive or UPnP/DLNA server apps such as Plex, WMC, Kodi XBMC or Servo, no syncing required.

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Just selectDolby/DTS over HDMIin Infuses settings and youre good to go.

You can flush cached data in Infuses Settings Clear All Metadata, turn on and offMetadata Fetching, tell Infuse toShow Filenamesor sort your files by date and more.

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Infuse for Apple TV, launching in the App Store later today, is a free upgrade for all current users of Infuse for iOS, itself a freemium download from the App Store.

On first launch, you must point Infuse to some media sources. I went inSettingsand choseShares, which presented me with a list of available computers and wireless drives connected to my local network.

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Unlike most other iOS media player applications, Infuse doesnt require a helper Mac app as media transcoding into an iOSfriendly format happens onthefly, directly on your Apple TV, which tremendously simplifies the whole experience.

To learn more about Infuse,check out the official website. To check out my interview with Infuse developer James Abeler,read this article.

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Folders marked as vorites are directly accessible from Infuses main menu. The app saves your connected network shares and automatically scans the files in them to retrieve and cache poster artwork, description, cast and more.

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