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Color Sorter Group recommended CSG sorting equipment to XF Confectionery Group.


Its unique Sorting technology can effectively detect aflatoxin according to biological fingerprints and sort it to identify macromolecules that are invisible to the naked eye and eliminate aflatoxin Of peanut products.


Color Sorter Group to help XF candy group to strengthen the quality control


Color Sorter Group’s advanced sorting technology enables efficient identification and removal of macromolecule peanuts that are not visible to the naked eye


As the aflatoxin is difficult to identify with the naked eye and conventional detection methods, Color Sorter Group and QC Group’s global R & D team carried out a large number of sorted product quality testing to prove the effectiveness of the equipment. The Color Sorter Group’s CSG color sorting machine has been selected for more than 500 tons of peanuts from various varieties and territories of the XF Candy Group’s Dongguan plant, which has been developed by QUEC’s R & D and technology, for more than six months before and after the entire test. The team conducted a comprehensive and strict detection of the quality of the process of Tremella fuciformis, and all through the quality test, to QUEC Group higher than the national standard requirements. After the field test, XF Candy Group is very satisfied with the sorting of the product, the final selection and installation of two CSG sorting equipment.


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