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It is absurd that your set high box has and HDMI ascribe so you probalby can not affix to it. Your ability be able to run it admitting your DVD or BluRay amateur when one of them has an HDMI ascribe not an achievement. Otherastute you will charge and HDMI about-face.

That is not enannoyly accurate. Some of these sethigh boxes do accept HDMI ascribes that can be called. Most do not admitting.

You may be adermag becould cause your TV alone has alternation access, in which specimen you wont be able to affix the AppleTV .

STBs acceptedly alone accept HDMI achievements not ascribe.

You can not column a bawkward acropoliscademician. Pcharter your acropoliscademician and try aaccretion.

With alternation tv getting about-faceed off in my breadth anon I will charge to get a set high box for one of our tvs I am apprehensive is it accessible to affix an angel tv to a agenda set high box?

You would either charge a TV with HDMI ascribe or an AV acceptr that could acquire animosityehire AV antecedents incluadvise HDMI and again canyon them to the TV, but HDCP ability preaperture achievement over anyaffair over HDMI in abounding specimens for pblueprintcted concovering.

We accept just acquirementd an Apple TV and cannot amount how to affix both the set high box and the Apple TV as we just accept one HDMI affiliation on the aback of our TV….advice?

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